Dynamic Heart

Dynamic Heart

Hello Universe, It’s me Cat… Again…

It’s January 1,2014… and from what all the astrology folks are saying also a powerful Capricorn new moon, full of possibilities. With that In mind I declare the following:

I welcome back my rejected spiritual gifts, sacred abilities, and lost inner-selves. My heart is dynamic and mighty. I am full of hope and peace. I use discernment and wisdom in my choices. I continue to transform, grow, and learn. It shall be thus for me, for this is the path I choose to walk every day.

Peace and Blessings to those of you with a Dynamic Heart where ever you may be. ~ Cat

***Dynamic 1817, as a term in philosophy; 1827 in the sense “force producing motion,” from Fr. dynamique (1762), from Ger. dynamisch, introduced by Leibnitz 1691 from Gk. dynamikos “powerful,” from dynamis “power,” from dynasthai “be able to have power,” of unknown origin. The figurative sense of “active, potent, energetic” is from 1856. Related: Dynamically.