Cat Webb: [kat-WEB] | Proper Noun

1) A magical creature who has been bodily and mentally undone, and then re-birthed into the ways of the weird.* (see: WEIRD)
2) A transformative spirit, walking and working in realms other than the physical.
3) A human attending to the living and the dead experiencing deep transition, affecting physical, mental, or spiritual well-being.
4) Psychopomp Priestess living at the crossroads.

  • Providing spiritual yet non-religious existential support to folks at end of life.
  • Supporting front line death-workers such as Hospice/ Palliative/ Nursing/ EMT/ Funeral Directors/ Death Doulas/ and Psychopomps with counseling and tools to contextualize and support the metaphysical (paranormal) experiences that occur within their work.
  • LGBTQ2SIA spiritual support for individuals and their partners in aging and end of life matters.

My particular prowess is to explore and transform the energies our society is not comfortable with... I openly address all aspects of death and dying, grief and profound loss, estrangements and endings, dark nights of the soul, spiritual crises and discerning mystical experience from ‘mental illness’, dispelling negative energetic presences, and honouring sacred activism lives at the heart of it all. 

My purpose in life is to act as companion to folks as they journey to next phase, whether they be lost, wandering, seeking clarity, or in need of spiritual direction.  I help individuals and communities have discerning discussions while navigating spiritual changes occurring through experiencing trauma, chronic illness, estrangement, divorce, NDE's and death.

In this life-time, I have studied: Spiritual Direction, Contemplative End of Life Care ‘Thana-doula’, Grief Work, Home Funerals, Psychopomp Traditions and Rituals, Comparative Mythology and Symbolism, Archetypes, Dream Work, Tarot, Astrology, Sound Healing, Art Therapy, Sacred Geometry, Healing Empath Boundaries, Inner Child Therapy, Building Consent Culture, Reflexology, Iridology, Aromatherapy, Intuitive Energy Clearing, Reiki, Medicine Buddha, Birth-Doula, Home Schooling, Photography and Graphic Design. 

* WEIRD: O.E. wyrd "fate, destiny" (n.), lit."that which comes," from P.Gmc. *wurthis (cf. O.S. wurd, O.H.G. wurt "fate," O.N.urðr "fate, one of the three Norns"), from PIE *wert- "to turn, wind," (cf. Ger.werden, O.E. weorðan "to become"), from base *wer- "to turn, bend" (see versus). For sense development from "turning" to "becoming," cf. phrase turn into "become." The modern sense of weird developed from M.E. use of weird sisters for the three fates or Norns (in Gmc. mythology), the Goddesses who controlled human destiny. They were usually portrayed as odd or frightening in appearance, as in "Macbeth," which led to the adj. meaning "odd-looking, uncanny," first recorded 1815.

Education & Training

Spiritual Director Diploma - Transformational Arts College 2009-2010
Our Mystical Search ~ World Religion and Beliefs
Divine Guidance, Ritual and Ceremony
Death and Dying
Working with the Soul

Thanadoula/ Death Doula - Institute for Traditional Medicine 2013
Contemplative Approaches to End-of-Life Care
Sacred Art of Dying
Therapeutic Relationships
Death: A Community Endeavour
Mindful Grieving and Bereavement
Clinical Impact of Rituals
Grief Support : Bardo Transitions

Additional End of Life Training Workshops
Home Funeral Workshop with Pashta MaryMoon of C.I.N.D.E.A. 2014
Palliative Massage with Christine Sutherland - Institute for Traditional Medicine 2013
Conscious Living and Conscious Dying with John Pollard and Brad Hunter 2011
Spirituality and Grief Workshop with Nancy Reeves 2009

Professional Development
Guided Imagery in Client Centered Therapy with Sabine Cox 2013
Inner Child Work for Therapists with Sabine Cox 2012
DreamWork in Client Centered Therapy with Sabine Cox 2012

Personal Development
Turtle Tank for Radical Entrepreneurs with Samia About-Samra & Ije Ndidi 2016-Current
SisterOutsider Spoken Word Masterclass with Denice Frohman & Dominique Christina 2015
At the Crossroads with Chief Luisah Teish 2015 (Online)
Sacred Geometry I & II with Ari Lazer 2015
The Art & Science of Contemporary 'Shamanic' Initiation with Andrew Camargo 2012
Contacting the Higher Self through Active Imagination, Art, and 'Shamanic' Technique with Andrew Camargo 2012

Holistic Bodywork
Lumos Transforms - Trauma & Resiliency Toolkit with Ije Ndidi 2017
SoundWork Training Levels I & II with Gary Diggins 2009
Foot Reflexology - Reflexology Association of Canada
Aromatherapy - Mississauga School of Aromatherapy
Iridology - Mississauga School of Aromatherapy
Hot Stone Massage - Mississauga School of Aromatherapy
Intro to Birth and Postpartum Doulas - Doulas of North America

Spiritual and Energetic Initiations
Medicine Buddha Initiation & Teachings with Acharya Rinpoche Zasep Tulku 2012
Avalokiteshvera Initiation with HH the 14th Dalai Lama 2010 (Online)
High Priestess Integration Rites Kemetic Tradition 2007
Usui Reiki I , II, & Master Levels with Reign Sovereign 2002-2003
Metamorphic Technique with Adela Barbier 2003
Sacred Awakening and the Calling of High Priestess to Hecate 1995

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