You have passed the point of no return on your spiritual quest... and levelling up is harder than expected. You didn't realize how dark this was going to get or how deep the journey would take you… A light appears in the darkness, and before you is a crossroads and a torchbearer... No wait it's a Cat. ;)

I am an esoteric detective. Give me what you're noticing or experiencing, and I will be able to help you make sacred sense of it. I won't get weirded out... I will listen, and then share with you what I witness to be the influences at work. Illuminating what you are going through, why you're reacting the way you're reacting, and what needs to happen next to make it better. I'm great at making the esoteric into something accessible and understandable.

My clientele are primarily caregivers such as nurses or other first responders who straddle the two worlds of life and death. I also work with people who are experiencing Existential Crisis manifesting as the 'Dark Night of the Soul' and provide educational and structural support to Psychopomps who are feeling overworked and overwhelmed in their calling.

I help you to bring quiet and focus back into your daily routine, teaching you how to integrate your unique gifts into your life. I help you create a strategy for self-support so that you can stay strong, spiritually clear and continue doing the work you love.

The Guide Offers
Individual Facilitations

• Illuminating the Dark Night of the Soul
• Spirit Preparation for End of Life Journey
• Inner Child Art Healing Pathways

Group Facilitations
• Crafting Personalized Ceremonies
• Talking to kids about the "Big D" Death
• Inner Child Art Healing Pathways
• Psychopomp 101 for Palliative Workers

Psychopomp Trainings
• Living at the Crossroads
• Empathy and Grief Overwhelm
• Dream-Time Journeys
• Guides / Voices / Channeling
• Anatomy of the Psychopomp
• Energy Clearing  
• Call to Witness and Catalyze
• Journeying Safely

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