Sites I Dig...

Featured Writers & Sacred Allies
Shock Therapy Astrology: Josi Case ~ Eclectic Collection of Spirit

Palliative Perspectives
Joan Trinh Pham ~ Palliative Nurse and Hand Analyst 

Websites Facilitating Healthy Conversations about Death
Confessions of a Funeral Director
Death Cafe
Live Through This
Order of the Good Death

End of Life Care Training & Home Funeral Resources
Institute for Traditional Medicine 
Canadian Integrative Network for Death Education and Alternatives

Psychopomp Perspectives
The Lay of the Lacrymer: MoDemeter *Online Graphic Novel 

Sacred Online Spaces
Oracle of Delphi ~ Apollo's Pythia

Badass Artisans
Katarina Thorsen ~ *Day of the Dead Sock Monkeys and Much More


Cat Webb

Authentic Living, Authentic Dying, Authentic Conversations.
Cat is a priestess who walks between the lands of living and the dead. She is an advocate creating cultural change in dealing with death as well as radical healing transformations after extreme loss and life changing illness. She provides grief counseling and creative healing pathways to living a more peaceful and authentic life.