"Classically speaking, a psychopomp is a deity or supernatural being who would guide the souls of the dead to their resting place in the afterlife. In modern parlance, a psychopomp acts as “an energetic Soul Midwife to the dead or dying“.

Cat Webb is a psychopomp, oracle, creatrix, mystic and teacher. So naturally, this was a fabulous conversation!

We talk about patriarchy, good spiritual hygiene, dealing with a death-phobic society – specifically how to care for the dying when there are family members resisting – and so, so, so much more.

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Cat's 2 cents: This was a super fun and interesting interview to do and touched upon many aspects of the  mystical and deathy processes we will all face at some point.

Upon listening to the download I realized that in her  post production *Carmen introduced me as a Shaman. 
I would like to note I am not a Shaman and have never claimed to be such. In respecting traditions and terminology, and in a sincere desire to avoid cultural appropriation, any use of the word shaman is strictly a reference to a way of working with energy, and not a mis-appropriated title. 

Also upon listening, as a non-binary person, I recognise my error in referring to females as folks who are born with a uterus, I did correct myself further along in the interview but I would like to apologize to any folks I may have offended. Walking the path of healing means honouring our mistakes as learning opportunities. 

Thank you for listening. Big Love.

A conversation regarding Cat's expertise as a DeathWalker specializing in Psychopomp Training,  End of Life Spiritual Direction, and Discussing Death Positivity with Children.