It feels like you want to change your life... Yet it seems like you are spinning in circles... Perhaps you are overwhelmed, confused, stuck in a dilemma or just stressed out and could really use some solid guidance. Enter Cat... illuminating the pathways you must travel through by identifying options provided by subconscious terrain of symbology and intuition.  

Using my intuitive spidey sense like an Esoteric Detective, I walk with you into the change between all that you have known and your unwritten future, helping you to discern the pathways to authentic selfhood.  I return with tangible actions and perspectives that will help you move forward in your desired direction. I go to the cards with your questions and explore the best way to approach your issue, to seek what you can do to change the outcome, or what can you do to rebalance the equation... and assisting with grounding the information into simple daily practices fueling integration and transformation of new ways of being.

The Oracle Offers
• Tarot & Oracle Reading
• Tarot & Oracle with Meditation Healing Song
• Symbolism, Synchronicity, and You
• Themes Beyond Dreams
• Spiritual Direction counseling with Oracle Reading

The Oracle's services are available for Tea & Tarot Group Events

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