On a soul level, we all know, no one gets out alive... so why is Death scary? What if it wasn't?

If we are willing there can be joy and tremendous healing at end of life. 

Emotions are running pretty high right about now... you have just received a terminal diagnosis... or someone close to you has. But in reality we have been potentially a breath away from death at any given moment, and we have been since birth.

What if I told you that Death could actually be a supportive and loving figure in your sacred story.

Death is what makes this moment, right now, so sacred. 

You literally carry within your veins the power of exploded dead star stuff and that death and that sacred spark is exactly what makes you ALIVE. 

Death is our constant companion, witnessing the unfolding of our path through life, love and all the places between. So why be afraid of it now?

Just like the stars we too become infinite in death. 

I will compassionately hold space for you and your loved ones to create an authentic healing narrative at any stage of your journey into the sacred spaces between life and death.

Psychopomp Priestess Offerings for
Individual and Family End of Life Coaching

• Spiritual Preparation for Souls Journey
• Personalized Ceremonies
• Crossroads Chaplaincy
• Inner Child Healing
• Grief Support
• Legacy Artwork
• Threshold Singing

Community Grief and Bereavement
• Funeral Officiant (Personal Customized Service)
• Soul Celebration Memorial Tea Ritual
• Artistic Journeys Memorial Ritual

Psychopomp Journeying
• Lost Soul Retrieval and Restful Spirit Journey
• Energetic House Clearing
• Psychopomp Training

We’ve never hired a psycho-pomp before, but Cat was recommended to us as someone who could help clear the energy in our new home, which had a tragic history with the previous owners. She was very thorough in the process, and explained what she was doing as she went from room to room.
We’re very grateful to Cat and her energy clearing abilities.
— Sharon


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