Dear Death Midwifes and End of Life Colleagues

Dear Death Midwifes and End of Life Colleagues

As a mystic and psychopomp professional working in our westernized death community:
I can accept that the work I do is esoteric and intangible to you, in the land of the living. 
I can accept that you may not understand what it is that I do, even after I explain to you. 
I can accept that you do not understand the full scope of mystic psychopomp work, the associated time and energy exchange, or the years of study that allow me to work in the bardo safely.
I can accept that you do not understand that I have a lifetime of experience and 20+ years of research backing up my interactions with dis-incarnate souls in the bardo states. 
I can accept that you may choose to never work or study with me or enlist my skills, due to facets of the psychopomp work being occult, hidden in time, and beyond comprehension.
I can accept your scepticism and disbelief, and I can still assure you psychopomp work proves itself invaluable to the dis-incarnate and the dying souls beginning their journey into the spaces between. 

I will not accept that Mystics and Psychopomps (like artists*) are supposed to work for you, for free. 

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Psychopomp Prayer : Healing in the Space Between

I am (__given name or spirit name__), a psychopomp and crossroads guardian, I call upon (__personal guides / spirit helpers__) to provide a safe space for my workings.
I pray for there to be safe passage to the next life provided for all innocent souls who have died in pain or fear. May their soul’s light be found, by defying the darkness of their stories. May their light spread and heal others.
I am greatfull to witness and experience this powerfull moment in time, being called into service to heal the spaces between. In helping to heal another’s story, we heal our own. I am greatfull to my Spirit Guides for providing safe space for journeying and for bringing light to the dark places.

Prayers for peace to be in the space between the things that are.
~Cat AKA Hecate's Daughter