The Numinous Podcast 89: The Journey of the Psychopomp with Cat Webb


"Classically speaking, a psychopomp is a deity or supernatural being who would guide the souls of the dead to their resting place in the afterlife. In modern parlance, a psychopomp acts as “an energetic Soul Midwife to the dead or dying“.

Cat Webb is a psychopomp, oracle, creatrix, mystic and teacher. So naturally, this was a fabulous conversation!

We talk about patriarchy, good spiritual hygiene, dealing with a death-phobic society – specifically how to care for the dying when there are family members resisting – and so, so, so much more.

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Cat's 2 cents: This was a super fun and interesting interview to do and touched upon many aspects of the mystical and deathy processes we will all face at some point.

Upon listening to the download I realized *Carmen introduces me as a Shaman. 
I would like to note I am not a Shaman and have never claimed to be such. In respecting traditions and terminology, and in a sincere desire to avoid cultural appropriation, any use of the word shaman is strictly a reference to a way of working with energy, and not a mis-appropriated title. 

Also upon listening, as a non-binary person, I recognise my error in referring to females as folks who are born with a uterus, I did correct myself further along in the interview but I would like to apologize to any folks I may have offended. Walking the path of healing means honouring our mistakes as learning opportunities. 

Thank you for listening. Big Love.

Dear Death Midwifes and End of Life Colleagues

Dear Death Midwifes and End of Life Colleagues

As a mystic and psychopomp professional working in our westernized death community:
I can accept that the work I do is esoteric and intangible to you, in the land of the living. 
I can accept that you may not understand what it is that I do, even after I explain to you. 
I can accept that you do not understand the full scope of mystic psychopomp work, the associated time and energy exchange, or the years of study that allow me to work in the bardo safely.
I can accept that you do not understand that I have a lifetime of experience and 20+ years of research backing up my interactions with dis-incarnate souls in the bardo states. 
I can accept that you may choose to never work or study with me or enlist my skills, due to facets of the psychopomp work being occult, hidden in time, and beyond comprehension.
I can accept your scepticism and disbelief, and I can still assure you psychopomp work proves itself invaluable to the dis-incarnate and the dying souls beginning their journey into the spaces between. 

I will not accept that Mystics and Psychopomps (like artists*) are supposed to work for you, for free. 

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Badassing through Chronic Illness

MedicineBuddha Cat Defeats the Evil Staph Queen 

MedicineBuddha Cat Defeats the Evil Staph Queen 

I was talking to an old friend about how I deal with my chronic illness... I told him that I cannot look at the day to day or even month to month for signs of healing. I need to look back to my worst point and measure my healing progress from there.

From being bed ridden with mould in my lungs at 30% on the palliative performance chart, and actually healing from that, only to get hit with a full body skin staph infection, to now a few years later being able to do all my own household chores and errands... Its a big deal! Even the first time I was able to shower standing up without help was a huge fucking win!
I am totally Badass!!!

So here's what I have learned:
Healing goes in cycles and waves... Learn to celebrate the every day victories... Keep creating healing art cause it does help... Scars are just the marks left behind by our body loving us enough to heal & pssst we ALL have them...  And every once in awhile please remember to step back and look at the bigger picture to see just how badass you truly are! <3