Badassing through Chronic Illness

MedicineBuddha Cat Defeats the Evil Staph Queen 

MedicineBuddha Cat Defeats the Evil Staph Queen 

I was talking to an old friend about how I deal with my chronic illness... I told him that I cannot look at the day to day or even month to month for signs of healing. I need to look back to my worst point and measure my healing progress from there.

From being bed ridden with mould in my lungs at 30% on the palliative performance chart, and actually healing from that, only to get hit with a full body skin staph infection, to now a few years later being able to do all my own household chores and errands... Its a big deal! Even the first time I was able to shower standing up without help was a huge fucking win!
I am totally Badass!!!

So here's what I have learned:
Healing goes in cycles and waves... Learn to celebrate the every day victories... Keep creating healing art cause it does help... Scars are just the marks left behind by our body loving us enough to heal & pssst we ALL have them...  And every once in awhile please remember to step back and look at the bigger picture to see just how badass you truly are! <3

Psychopomp Prayer : Healing in the Space Between

I am (__given name or spirit name__), a psychopomp and crossroads guardian, I call upon (__personal guides / spirit helpers__) to provide a safe space for my workings.
I pray for there to be safe passage to the next life provided for all innocent souls who have died in pain or fear. May their soul’s light be found, by defying the darkness of their stories. May their light spread and heal others.
I am greatfull to witness and experience this powerfull moment in time, being called into service to heal the spaces between. In helping to heal another’s story, we heal our own. I am greatfull to my Spirit Guides for providing safe space for journeying and for bringing light to the dark places.

Prayers for peace to be in the space between the things that are.
~Cat AKA Hecate's Daughter