Been there done that... looked deep into chaos... learned and leveled up... Truth is : Healing is fucking hard... but is so worth it.

My life has been strange. I have lived through so many changes. Changes that would probably kill a normal person. Good thing I am not a "normal" person. ;)

'Authentic Living, Authentic Dying, Authentic Conversations.
Cat is a priestess who walks between the lands of living and the dead. She is an advocate creating cultural change in dealing with death as well as radical healing transformations after extreme loss and life changing illness. She provides grief counseling and creative healing pathways to living a more peaceful and authentic life.'

The DeathWalker Offers
Individual and Family End of Life Coaching

• Spiritual Preparation for Souls Journey
• Personalized Ceremonies
• Crossroads Chaplaincy
• Inner Child Healing
• Grief Support
• Legacy Artwork
• Threshold Singing

Community Grief and Bereavement
• Funeral Officiant (Personal Customized Service)
• Soul Celebration Memorial Tea Ritual
• Artistic Journeys Memorial Ritual

Psychopomp Journeying
• Lost Soul Retrieval and Restful Spirit Journey
• Energetic House Clearing
• Psychopomp Training



• 20+ years study into the Metaphysical
• Sacred Dying & Grief
• Inner Child & Art Healing Methods
• Spiritual Anatomy & Psychic Wellness


• LGBTQ2SIA Safe Space
• Non-Denominational & Scientific perspectives combined with Sacred Teachings.
• Individual Personalized Support


• Individual & Group Spiritual Direction
• Online Community Spaces
• Events & Speaking Engagements
• Shop Management


Yes, I am ready to talk about mortality.